Meeting Minds Training for Workplaces & Communities

We provide a range of on site training for staff, management and clients about how to support mental health in your context.

We also run training courses open to the public.

What Participants have said...

The instructor showed a deep understanding for the content being presented and facilitated the session with professionalism. She also demonstrated her ability to gauge her audience and delivered the course in a way that was relatable and applicable for our workplace.
Very positive. It has given me a good basis for applying many of the concepts within my professional role, as well pointing me in the direction of further resources.
I am so glad I got this opportunity to take part in this course… It was so informative and important and it was broken up into different activities and discussions... By the end of each day I felt glad to be a part of this course. I learned so much!
Engaging, interesting and provided opportunities to use newly learned information while working in groups on a range of scenarios. Increased my confidence level in providing information to others.
I feel as though I am now better equipped to approach individuals and deal with de-escalating crisis situations.

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