Meeting Minds Training for High Schools & Youth Services

We provide a range of on site training for teachers, staff, parents and young people about how to support mental health in your context.

We also run training courses open to the public.

What participants have said...

…An outstanding facilitator. She communicated clearly, engaged with our school-specific discussions, approached all questions by using her expert knowledge/experience and was receptive to our needs as a school group.
It was incredibly valuable, particularly in my role as a year advisor... The information was significant, useful, pragmatic and evidence /research based.
The course was brilliant and I took a great deal away with me so that I will feel more competent to approach or assist a young person with a mental health issue or episode.
[The facilitator was] knowledgeable, patient, and sensitive to learners’ needs. She was able to hold the space phenomenally well, and truly cared about the topic and the students. She went above and beyond what I expected, and has truly set the bar for effective and respectful facilitation.
It was a great course. It was very informative and gave me some helpful strategies to implement with our students.

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